Final Programme

Day 1                                                                                                
09:00-09:10Introduction. V. Kavarthapu, M. Edmonds, H. Rashid, B. Sumpio
09:10-10:30Session 1. Multi-Disciplinary Diabetic Foot Care
Chairs: V. Kavarthapu, M. Edmonds, H. Rashid, B. Sumpio  
09.10-09.20Natural History of Diabetic Foot- Michael Edmonds, UK
09.20-09.30Role of an Orthopaedic Surgeon in a Multi-disciplinary Set-up- Venu Kavarthapu, UK
09.30-09.40Role of Revascularisation in a Diabetic Foot- Hisham Rashid, UK
09.40-09.50Role of a Podiatric Surgeon in the Management of Diabetic Foot- Peter Blume USA
09.50-10.00Current Advances in the Radiology of Diabetic Foot- David Elias, UK
10.00-10.10Practical Aspects of Diabetic Foot Care- Maureen Bates, UK
10.10-10.30Panel discussion
10.30-11.00Coffee Break
11:00-12:40Session 2. Management of Diabetic Foot Infections. Chairs: Maureen Bates, Ines Reichert
11.00-11.15The Microbiology of The Diabetic Foot Infections- Anna Goodman, UK
11.15-11.25Role of Bone Biopsies in the Diagnosis of Chronic Infections- Prashant Vas, UK
11.25-11.35The Antibiotic Prescription Principles in Diabetic Foot Infections- Chris Manu, UK
11.35-11.50The Diabetic Foot Attack,  The Surgical Principles- Raju Ahluwalia, UK
11.50-12.00Post-operative In-Patient Wound Care of a Diabetic Patient- Liz Pendry, UK
12.00-12.15Osteoclast Activity and Ceramics- Nina Petrova, UK
12.15-12.40Panel discussion
12.40-13.45Lunch, Exhibition
13:45-15.55 Industry Satellite Symposium 1
The Microbiology of Diabetic Foot Infections and Cerament- Alex Wee
Cerament in Second Stage Charcot Reconstructions- Venu Kavarthapu
14:30-16:00Session 3. Amputations and Rehabilitation. Chair: Chris Manu, Raju Ahluwalia
14.30-14.40 Principles of Amputation in a Patient With Diabetes- Bauer Sumpio, USA
14.40-14.55 Minor Amputation Techniques in the Diabetic Foot- Peter Blume, USA
14.55-15.05 Major Amputation Techniques in the Diabetic Foot- Chris Attinger, USA
15.05-15.20 Modern and Emerging Orthotics for a Deformed Diabetic Foot – Christian Pankhurst, UK
15.20-15.30 Peri-operative Medical Optimisation of a Diabetic Patient- Prashant Vas, UK
15.30-15.40The Getting It Right The First Time and The Diabetic Foot- Gerry Rayman, UK
15.40-15.55Panel discussion
16:25-18:10Session 4. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in a Diabetic Foot. Chairs: Nav Cavale, Chris Attinger
16.25-16.40The Spectrum of Plastic Surgical Procedures in a Diabetic Foot – Ed Fitzgerald O’Connor, UK-
16.40-16.55Local Random And Muscle Flaps in Diabetic Feet – Christopher Attinger, USA
16.55-17.10Modern Skin Graft alternatives in a Diabetic Foot – Naveen Cavale, UK
17.10-17.25Microsurgical Free Flaps in a Diabetic Foot – Christopher Attinger, USA
17.25-17.40Revascularisation Prior to Plastic Surgical Reconstruction- Bauer Sumpio, USA
17.40-17.55Reconstruction of an Acute Deformed Charcot Foot – Venu Kavarthapu, UK
17.55-18.10Panel discussion
Day 2
08:00-09:30Session 5. Free Paper and Poster Presentation Session. Chairs: Nina Petrova, Raju Ahluwalia, Prash Vas
08.00-09.30Free Papers Session. 8 papers (5+2 min)
10:00-1200 Parallel Orthopaedic Session- Advanced Internal & External Fixation Techniques in Charcot Midfoot Recon
Chairs: Raju Ahluwalia, Dishan Singh Discussants: Dane Wukich, Venu Kavarthapu
Our Approach to the Deformed Midfoot With Ulceration!- Chris Attinger, USA
The Outcomes We Measure in Charcot Foot Reconstructions- Dane Wukich, USA
Pitfalls in Midfoot Reconstructions- Alex Wee, UK
Minimally Invasive Surgery and External Fixation in Complex Midfoot Deformity
– Kartik Hariharan, UK
Beaming techniques For Medial and Lateral Columns- Peter Blume, USA
Plating techniques For Medial and Lateral Columns- Raju Ahluwalia, UK
Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium 2
The Principles and Algorithm of Charcot Midfoot Reconstruction- Venu Kavarthapu
The Modern Beaming Options in Charcot Midfoot Recontruction- Alex Wee
10:00-1200 Parallel Vascular Session- Advanced Angioplasty & Bypass Techniques in Diabetic Foot
Chairs: Hisham Rashid, Bauer Sumpio
Update on orthopaedic advances for the vascular specialist- Venu Kavarthapu, UK
Non invasive imaging of below the ankle disease- Ben Freedman, UK
Diagnostic and interventional contrast optimization in patients with CLI – Hamid Mojiban, USA
CT and MRI angiography – Jason Wilkins, UK
Imaging in CLI: Beyond luminography- Hamid Mojiban, USA
10:00-1200 Parallel Podiatric Session: Podiatric Acute Decision Making Workshops (part 1).
Chairs: Maureen Bates, Prash Vas
The Extended Role of Diabetes specialist Podiatrist- Joanne Casey
How to target antibiotic therapy- Prof Mike Edmonds/ Ian Alejandro/ Maureen Bates
Interpretation of MRI and X-Ray for Podiatrists- Lisa Meacock
Bone biopsy Theory & Flexor tentomy Theory= Dr Prash Vas/ Mr Nwge Phyo, Joanne Casey
Bone biopsy Workshop (1) & Flexor tentomy Workshop (2)
13:00-15:00 Parallel Orthopaedic Session: Advanced Techniques in Charcot Hindfoot Reconstruction
Chairs: Raju Ahluwalia, Patrician Allen. Discussants: Kartik Hariharan, Peter Blume
The Basics of Vascular Assessment and Interventions an Orthopaedist Should be Aware!- Hani Slim, UK
My Method of One Stage Hindfoot Reconstruction Using Internal Fixation!- Dane Wukich, USA
Optimal Surgical Debridement of an Infected Charcot Foot- Raju Ahluwalia, UK
My Way of Two Stage Hindfoot Reconstruction Using Internal Fixation!- Ines Reichert, UK
How I Do Two Stage Hindfoot Reconstruction Using External Fixation?- Peter Blume, USA
Industry Satellite Symposium 3
The Optimal Internal Fixation Construct in Charcot Midfoot Reconstruction- Venu Kavarthapu
Advanced External Fixation Methods for Charcot Midfoot Reconstruction- Peter Blume
13:00-15:00 Parallel Vascular Session- Advanced Techniques of Revascularisation- Endovascular and Arterial Bypass, Including Below-knee and Below-ankle
Chairs: Bauer Sumpio, Hisham Rashid
Value of pedal arch in CLI, Bauer Sumpio, USA
Endovascular techniques of revascularisation- Dean Huang, UK
Hybrid LE procedures- Robert Attaran, USA
Management of no option CLI- Hisham Rashid, UK
Management of the ischaemic Charcot foot- Hani Slim, UK
Management of mixed arterio-venous disease- Robert Attaran, USA
13:00-15:00 Parallel Podiatric Session: Podiatric Acute Decision Making Workshops (part 2)
Chairs: Maureen Bates/ Chris Manu
Advanced wound care modalities- Daina Walton/ Jen Tremlett
Distal Vascular Assessment & Off-loading Theory-
Dr C.Manu, B Freedman, I Maharaj / Jody Lucas, T Jemmott, W Tang
Distal Vascular Assessment Workshop (1) & Off-loading Workshop (2)-
Dr C.Manu, B Freedman, I Maharaj / Jody Lucas, T Jemmott, W Tang
15:30-14:45 Session 10. Multidisciplinary, Orthopaedic and Vascular Management
Chairs: Venu Kavarthapu, Michael Edmonds, Bauer Sumpio
15.30-15.50Key Note Lecture From The President of BOFAS- Patricia Allen, UK
15.50-16.00Our Outcomes of Charcot Foot Deformity Reconstructions – Venu Kavarthapu, UK
16.00-16.10Our Outcomes of Diabetic Foot Vascular Reconstructions – Bauer Sumpio, USA
16.10-16.20The Multidisciplinary Diabetic Foot Service – Michael Edmonds, UK
16.20-16.35Panel Discussion
16.35-16.45Prizes. Closure

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